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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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just in, dramatic new images. fires in the streets and gun toting protestors. >> all after four americans, including an ambassador are killed in libya. plus, 9 news now has the big announcement on the iphone 5. how a local woman scores a ren
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what for 7 bucks. but there's a far less happy picture being painted in cairo tonight. anti-american demonstrations continue outside the gates of the u.s. embassy there as washington mourns the death of our ambassador in neighboring libya in what now appears to be a premeditated american attack. the three other americans also died in the attack. >> the administration vowed to bring the killer to justice and found its response to the killings has become an issue to the presidential campaign. gary neurenberg is here to bring us up to date. >> reporter: area muslims here in washington condemned the libyan attack and gathered outside the white house to honor stevens, whom many knew and respected. they lighted candles and observed a moment of silence for ambassador stevens and three
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other americans who were killed yesterday. >> the events that took place yesterday in libya don't represent the faults and actions of the great people of libya nor of the great people of the muslim nation. >> reporter: as for those who carried out the attack -- >> they should get condemned. they deserve nothing but condemnation. >> reporter: this internet video prompted demonstrations in libya and cairo which continued there wednesday night. the movie depicts the prophet muhammed. >> it is offensive to portray the prophet. he is not to be drawn or acted out by an actor. >> reporter: protests against that film were believed ton the reason for the -- to be the reason for the attack on the embassy. but now, cbs reports it appears to have been an al-qaeda
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terrorist attack. >> they took advantage of that demonstration against that anti-muslim film to launch their assault on the anniversary of 9/11. >> my name is chris stevens and i'm the new ambassador. >> reporter: he helped overthrow the kadafi regime, making his death more ironic. >> how could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we helped save from destruction. >> reporter: as the protests began, presidential candidate mitt romney criticized the obama administration for its policies. democrats criticized romney for that, bringing the issue into the presidential campaign. there are potentially long range implication for american middle east policy right here now. two american cruise ships are dg beployed. the fbi has started an
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investigation. more potential american targets now than just 2 days ago. derek. right now we have to get back into the political angle because reacting to that attack, the president said we reject those who would denigrate the religious beliefs of others but there's no justification for this type of violence. he calledn for the perpetrators to be brought to justice. mitt said the president wasn't hit back hard enough. >> reiterate a statement, apologizing for the right of free speech is not the right course for an administration. >> well, the president says romney has a history of shooting off his mouth without first taking aim. >> i think what he was trying to say is look if you make a film and it is derogatory about religion we should condemn that but you still have the right to do that. we believe that in the united states of america and if an embassy says something to the contrast that is not right.
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>> bob mcdonald telling 9 news now what he thinks romney meant to say. we are learning new details about a shooting at morgan state university. tonight the victim who was a relative of a university football player on campus there remains in the hospital. his attacker still at large. plus believe the shooting was the result of a botched robbery. classes were cancelled as a precaution. they will resume in the morning. police still haven't found the person who shot and killed an honor student on his way to high school. prince georges county police stepped up patrols around central high in capital heights. yesterday morning, ross was gunned down as he walked to school. police don't have a motive. if it was robbery, the killer didn't take his aye pod, phone -- ipod, phone, shoes or watch. ross's mother is considering moving her younger sons to another neighborhood because they are so afraid. mow to an update on the story we brought you -- now to an update on a story we brought you last night.
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the maine says gary cook died of natural causes. his wife was shot and killed by a culpeper police officer during a traffic stop in february. that officer now faces charges in her death. take a look at this man. that is the fella. he is accused of videotaping up women's skirts and tonight police are trying to figure out how many victims he may have. he was arrested last week after the cops got a call about a suspicious man lurking about the tacoma metro stop. he was carrying a backpack and he fit the description of a man videotaping up a women's skirt last month. police say he may have done it to more folks. so, if you were approached by this man, call the police. now we have an update on the story we first brought you last night. about 300 police cruisers being checked for steering frontals. we have learned -- problems. the not montgomery county have
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finished inspecting their cars. as of tonight, 289 have been inspected. 10 cruders had problems that caused the steering to fail. they have been fixed. another 37 had less serious maintenance issues and they have also been repaired. after 5 months of trying to get answers, today, 9 news now confronted the boss of the general services administration. for the first time, agenting minute administrator dan -- acting administrator dan tangly any answered -- tangherlini answered questions. >> reporter: many problems were under the microscope in that senate hearing and gsa administrator dan tangherlini was there to explain. before he left, he stopped in the hall way and answered to our investigations. russ ptacek. he called me by name and he was not defensive by the ongoing 9 news now investigation into gsa. >> i appreciate the great reporting that you have been
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doing. >> reporter: your staff has complained about it calling it unfair. do you think we have been unfair? >> i think you have been raising very important issues and you have been using some of the information to help us find out what the solutions we need to implement within the organization. >> reporter: we asked him about the unexplained illnesses we exposed and a commissioner there accused of wrongdoing. hundreds of people sick and dead in kansas city. have you been to kansas city, the place where this woman works. >> i haven't yet been to kansas city. in part because i have been trying to minimize the amount of travel i do. i have met virtually with the staff. i'm aware of the issues out there. i do want to go out and learn more about it. but i also know that we are leaving that facility. >> reporter: kansas city regional facility marry, received bonuses despite hiring a quarter million dollars pr firm to respond to my investigation and allegations of misleading congress. in today's hearing, the inspector general called the
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commissioner out of control. >> again, i would have to go back and look. >> reporter: do you consider her an out of control commissioner for those acts and that quarter of a million dollars pr contract? >> i'm not going to try to defend what happened with that pr contract or any of those issues out there. >> reporter: although he answered questions from us and senators, he staid on point. he is at gsa to fix problems. the bonuses we exposed, he has cut them back and the agencies he says remains under review. i'm russ ptacek. 9 news now. abus over the un-- a bus over the iphone. it is getting a lot of conversation of the way it measures up to the smart phone market. our ken molestina spoke to an expert who says it is a bit more of an upgrade than a revolution. >> reporter: it is the best
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thing since that one time in the late 70s when derek mcginty rose above the rim, dunking the basketball like a pro. but what we have learned about this new phone, derek, is good news for its competitors. >> reporter: the new iphone five was set on display in california. it is thinner, lighter and taller than previous iphones and the hype surrounding the unveiling has apple lovers chomping at the bit to get their hands on it. >> it is designed and built to a standard unlike anything we or anyone in our industry has made before. >> reporter: not so according to one digital consumer expert. >> it was not a revolutionary product. they took most of the specs from the 4s and upgraded them. >> reporter: he used to work for the apple and according to him the changes aren't enough to put it on its own stage apart from other smart phones like androids. >> i think there was some disappointment across the board. they would have liked to have
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seen more progression. >> reporter: the new iphone ♪ [ music uses a much quicker wireless network. it also has a better video camera and perhaps the middle east new feature is the op -- best new feature is the oppositing system. >> apple still has by most definitions a better operating system. it is a battle between apple and android. they really are comparable to some of the competitors. it just comes down to what's easier for you. >> reporter: now, here's what will really make the difference. its apps. it is a billion dollar industry that caters to smart phone users. >> wait a second -- [laughter]. >> can we get a closer look at this, kenny? >> no, we don't want a closer look. and that was not the last time i dunked. [laughter]. >> i dunked like last week i
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think i dunked. [laughter]. >> just last week. okay. meantime, a virginia woman spent 7 bucks on a painting to discover it is a renwa. she is making a pretty penny off this flea market find. find out why anyone would want to throw cash out of the car. we will tell you about it in a minute. and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. 81. just about a perfect day if you were to diagram a perfect day. the wake up weather nice too. cool. not quite as chilly. by 7:00, low 50s to low 60s. i don't think we will have any 40s tomorrow morning. cool by 9:00, pure sunshine. 58-68. we will tell you if we can duplicate tomorrow what we had today and look ahead to the weekend. it has changed.
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in tonight's health alert, calorie accountability in fast foods. the next time you go to mcdonalds and order a big mac and fries, you will find the calorie count staring at you. they will start posting the calories both inside the restaurant and the drive through. no time line was given for when
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restaurants should post calories. mcdonalds says they want to be a leader. kathy bates is recovering from a double mastectomy. she was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 months ago. she jokes she doesn't miss her breasts as much as harry's law, which was cancelled in may. she says she won't have to undergo chemo or radiation and her doctors tell her she is going to be around for a long time. what did led zeppelin, dave ledder man and dustin hoffman have -- letterman have in common? they are being honored. the kennedy center honors december 2nd, airing here on december 26th. new tonight at 11, attention all you flea market shoppers. make sure you check your purchases very carully. >> this is pretty cool. matt jablow tells us about a virginia woman who is about to earn an enormous return on a very small investment.
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>> it is a fun tale. >> reporter: the september 29th auction at a company in alexandria will feature a wide variety of items. >> we have almost 1200 lots. >> reporter: ancient chinese artifacts and one long lost jewel of a painting by one of the masters of the form. renoir. it is one in a million. it has apparently changed hands four times since painted in 1879. it is believed he gave it to a woman who modeled for him. she sold it to an art dealer in france. in 1986it turned up and was sold as part of a lot of unremarkable items at a flea market in west virginia. the lucky buyer whom i spoke with on the phone doesn't want to be identified. >> this bo of stuff caught my eye. >> reporter: she says she is in her 40s, lives in virginia and paid $7 for the renoir and a
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paul bunion doll included in the box. >> i thought the paul bunyon doll would have been worth something but i was wrong. >> reporter: she had no idea it was an actual renoir until recently when it was authenticated by experts. at do you make of all this? >> it is insane. i don't know what to make of it. i have never experienced anything like this in my life. >> reporter: the painting is expected to bring about a hundred thousand dollars, perhaps even more. when it goes to auction. >> it is a little overwhelming. >> reporter: and as you can imagine, renoir is now her favorite artist and landscape along the sand, her favorite of his many remarkable works. would you say this is the best thing that has ever happened to you? >> i would say this is pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me, yeah. >> reporter: in alexandria, matt
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jablow, 9 news now. >> and that owner of the painting told matt she intends to take her mom to paris with some of the money she gets. she says among other things she wants to put a bouquet at the artist's grave. >> i always thought it was frank renoir. [laughter]. >> who else is happy? phrase -- flea markets. 81 and 60 today. let's start with a live look outside. temperatures are not falling that fast downtown. but we will show temperatures in the bushes in a minute. 67 -- busches in a minute -- burbs in a minute. pressure kind of rising and kind of high for this time of year. 30.35 inches of mercury. it is in the 50s already in gaithersburg. 57 manassas. 55 up in frederick. you get outside the beltway and
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temperatures falling pretty fast. i don't think we will have any 40s tomorrow morning but we are going to have some low 50s overnight. grab a sweater for the morning and see if you can get the kids to pick a sweater or sweatshirt to the bus stop. grab your shades. pure sun again tomorrow. a terrific thursday. no doubt about that. then more clouds come in on friday. a comfort is going to -- cold front is going to roll through friday night as opposed to saturday night. overnight, clear skies. cool. not as chilly. 52 to about 62. and winds south/southeast at 10. by morning, pure sunshine. a cool start. sweater a good idea in the morning. probably won't need it after 9:00 a.m. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. winds light. by afternoon, mostly sunny. gorgeous again. not humid. high temperatures low 80s. that is about average. and winds out of the southeast at about 10. so, we are talking about a
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beautiful day from the mountains to the coast. oakland, 74. jump the die void, 80 -- divide, 80 in cumberland. low 80s in culpeper. leesburg, manassas, fairfax, 80, 81. downtown low 80. maryland, charles county, calvert, low 80s. annapolis will be 80s. no wind to speak of. you go up 270, rockville, clarksburg, gaithersburg, fed frederick all in the low 80s. the next 3 days we will keep it code green. spectacular tomorrow. that is a no-brainer. 81. even on friday it will be nice. a couple of showers possible friday night. not enough to change your plans and then saturday, sunshine. nice. temperatures in the upper 70s. yes, that frontal boundary helps us out on the weekends. gorgeous sunshine on sunday. upper 70s. showers and maybe a thunderstorm
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returns on monday. maybe a shower tuesday. not a big deal and cool. fall like. high to low 70s wednesday. >> look at that weekend. leave that alone. >> this is good. if we could do average this time of year, sometimes it is good to be average. >> the cool thing is with all this good weather, we know the nates won't get rained out. >> they are in new york right now. they are having good weather too. orioles didn't get rained out either. the nationals close to clinching a playoff spot and the orioles try to stay on top. sports is next.
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heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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tonight was supposed to be steven straussberg's final game of the season. but as we all know he was shut down early last friday. tonight instead it was john lannon's turn to try to lead the nates to a sweep over the mets. they head to the 4th inning scoreless. over the centerfield wall, putting the nates up 1-0. here's lannon looking good. he pitched 5 2/3 shutout innings
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to pick up his third win of the season. he may have been done but the nates weren't. in the 8th, ian adds one more. the nationals blank the mets 2-0, completing the sweep, lowering their magic playoff number to just six games. orioles hosting the rays. slow roller to third. manny scoops it up. i think he is throwing to first. instead he throws back to 3rd. catches rich thompson in a rundown. great defensive play. nature mac sh nature mac lout -- nate nails one and remains tied with the yankees. to football, robtder griffin said -- robert griffin said his dad called him up and said son, you are ready. he sure looked like a veteran
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out there. while folks around the country are still talking, and we are, rg iii and his tomb mates have moved -- teammates have moved on. he said all that that victory did for him was add confidence, not pressure. >> to me it doesn't put any pressure on me. it just solidifies what i have always thought, that i could play in the nfl at a high level. you know, this team can be successful with the coaches we have and the players we have. >> the terrapins will have a new opponent to face on the basketball court some time in the near future. notre dame will join the acc but football. they will face 5 acc opponents each year. and we here at 9 sports are excited to announce a brand new show. game on premiers this saturday night at 7:00 p.m. right here on wusa. we have local football, redskins
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and we have darrell green and dexter manly who will be on the show. we are excited about it live. >> very cool and it has a funky theme song. >> you are going to be contributing. >> i will be contributing some sort of let's be real sports kind of commentary. >> the ultimate fan. >> and the weather forecaster, topper. >> we will be right back.
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all right. stop what you are doing. you have got to see this. watch this. it is a police chase out of the movies or something. black suv speeding down the l.a. highway. inside, a couple of men accused of being bank robbers. they got some cash from somewhere because they start throwing it out the window. people heard about it and started running into the street trying to grab it. traffic problems enshoe. eventually they -- ensue. they catch up with the two guys. police also looking for other suspects. they also said even who has the cash, turn it over. >> sure. >> it has to be l.a. craziest stuff. >> that is 9 news tonight. thank you for sticking and and i can still dunk. >> yes he can. [laughter].
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